asking for shit

NO THEY DO NOT and your boyfriend Den should be killed forthwith, along with whoever made that monstrosity Bridget is wearing. It looks like I couldn’t make my mind up where her legs should end and kept adding extra bits. (Maybe I should have done that with Jane.)

As if poor Bridget has not suffered enough having to wear purple and aqua… trouser… things, she then gets punished for being nice to the school pervert by being raped by said outcast, and then BLAMED FOR IT by her so-called best friend who is basically running around at this point going ‘nyah nyah, told you so’. What the hell is Ann doing telling Den about her best friend getting raped anyway, ugh. I hate this girl, with her big poppy eyes and look of faux-concern. She has no chin either.

In spite of Ann’s smugness I don’t see how Bridget could have known what was coming, since all Matt has done prior to becoming a rapist is ‘try’ to grope her, clearly not succeeding even in this limited aim. Oh, I forgot, Ann can ‘see him getting excited.’ (Not being the most streetwise of adolescents, I am not sure I meant what this actually means. Never mind.) So yeah, Matt has a history of failing to grope his female classmates and has had a public hard-on or two which Bridget just finds amusing… this is not saying ‘future rapist’ to me, it is saying ‘teenage boy’.

Ann seems more interested in victim-shaming and gossiping with her no-good boyfriend than oh, I don’t know, telling somebody in authority or supporting her best friend or plotting revenge on the rapist…  I don’t know, this is just depressing me now. I was a reasonably switched-on fourteen-year-old (no, really, I was, I read newspapers and got As in everything) and yet I was still coming out with this horseshit. It is a pretty minor example of the mindwarping damage done by living in a rape culture, but it is an example nonetheless.

God, I hate the world sometimes.

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